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History Of UC

United Group stands as the first and leading company in biomass pellet production within the regions of Africa and the Middle East. Established in 2005, we launched our initial factory in 2007 under the banner of “The United Company for Land Reclamation & Agro Industries” with a significant investment totaling 2 Million Euros. Strategically located in Beni-Suef city in upper Egypt, just 100 km away from Cairo, this marked the beginning of our journey.

Subsequently, in 2014, United Group expanded its footprint and increased its net worth to 4 Million Euros with the establishment of a new factory, “The United Company for Recycling Wood,” situated in Damietta, an Egyptian port on the Mediterranean Sea. The locations of our factories were purposely placed in these areas of Egypt in order to have access to most areas of the country.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in our pellet production practices. By acquiring wood waste from farms for industrial use, while acquiring wood waste from furniture companies for residential pellets. we contribute to increasing Egypt’s agricultural footprint in the desert, transforming this waste into an alternative environmental fuel. This initiative not only benefits Egypt but also aligns with our broader goal of fostering a better global environment.

To underscore our dedication to sustainable wood pellets and product quality, we have been certified by EnPlus since 2016 and remain committed to meeting the criteria of GGL (Green Gold Label) to ensure ongoing compliance with the highest industry standards. United Group continues to lead the way in responsible and environmentally conscious biomass pellet production.