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Our wood pellets and briquettes represent a sustainable biomass fuel derived from wood that serves as a natural and environmentally friendly energy source. They are created by grinding wood to a specific granulation and undergoing a technological process involving grinding, drying, and pressing. This process guarantees both high-quality combustion and a substantial energy value.

  • Our Cleaning System

Our cleaning system is a specialized set of processes specifically developed to enhance the quality of our products, which guarantees that the production of our wood pellets and briquettes adhere to the standards of En-Plus A1 and A2. Through this system we are able to remove impurities, foreign particles, or any undesirable elements that might be present in our products. This careful purification process ensures that our products meet specific standards for combustion efficiency, energy output, and overall performance. This incredibly complicated process requires a set of advanced technologies that only 32 factories around the world have been able to obtain, ensuring that our products guarantee 100% pureness and extremely high quality.

  • High Tech Production

We have access to high-quality raw materials, enabling the manufacturing of various pellet and briquette types. Our high tech production line incorporates the latest European technologies, ensuring the production of wood pellets and briquettes at the forefront of industry standards. Enhancing our capabilities, is a team of first-class, experienced engineers and technicians specializing in the pellet industry. Our production facilities boast an annual capacity of 40,000 tons for wood pellets and 5,000 tons for wood briquettes across both factories, a testament to our commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of our operations.