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Why Us

Why Us?

Why our Pellets?

  • Availability of high quality raw materials for producing several types of pellets.
  • High-tech line of production with all up to date technologies in producing wood pellets – European made manufactured and installed.
  • A first-class experienced team of are highly trained and qualified engineers and technicians in the pelleting industry.
  • Egypt's geographical location enables us to smoothly and cost effectively access most ports worldwide especially in Europe.
  • Our new filter system assures us to produce our wood pellets according to the specifications of En-Plus A1 and A2  .


Why Wood Pellets?

Environmentally Friendly

Manufactured from 100% natural wood material. In addition, no chemicals or bonding agents are used in the production of wood pellets. Consequently, a cleaner burn and less harmful emissions released into the atmosphere. Since wood pellets are made of recycled wood, the amount of material headed for landfills is reduced. This means we are using a source of energy that could otherwise be wasted.

Efficiency – Less is More

Wood pellets burn at a much hotter temperature than cord wood. A hotter burn means wood pellets are a more efficient heat source than cordwood and other fossil fuels. More efficiency also means less material is necessary to burn for heat. A more efficient product always means a more economical product, and a product that is good for the environment.

Lowest cost of residential heating

Wood pellets is currently the most economic and saving source in the world.

Renewable Energy Source

The source of wood pellets is renewable each year, creating a stable heating source. The price of wood pellets is not a subject to world affairs and foreign price setting. Over time, wood pellet fuel has become: very stable; the most reliable; and a cost-effective heating choice.


Easy and Clean

Wood pellets eliminate bugs, bark and other insects everybody prefers to keep out of their houses. Wood pellets take up less space than cordwood and you can even store your wood pellets inside as they are very clean.

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