Creating Clean Energy

Founder Profile

Hossam Youssef, Chairman and CEO

–   Mr. Youssef is an Egyptian citizen, holding a BA in Economics from Cairo University 1993.

–   Mr. Youssef participated in the establishment of EFG-Hermes, where he spent around 11 years. His last position was Brokerage’s Vice President.

–   In 2006 he initiated and held the position of the managing director of Pharos Securities which considered one of the top 5 brokerage firms in Egypt. 

–   Mr. Youssef switched his career to industry in 2007 based on his belief that industry is one of the best long term career planning areas.

–   Based on the studies, Mr. Youssef decided to choose the renewable energy industry, which is currently the trend for environmentally friendly new resources of energy worldwide.




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