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United Group is considered the first and leading company in the field of biomass pellets sources prodcution in the Regions of both Africa and The Middle East. It was established in 2005 and launched its first factory in 2007 - with a total investment of 2 Million Euros - named "The United Company for land reclamation & Agro Industeries", located in Beni-Suef city (100 km away from Cairo). Later on in 2014, United Group reached a total net worth of 6 Million Euros by opening a new  factory named  “The United Ciompany for  Recycling Wood” in Damietta (an Egyptian port on the Mediterrian Sea).

Our pellets production are complied with the sustainability of the enviroment. We are helping Egypt to increase its agriculture area in the disert by buying the wood waste resulting from farms and produced an alternative enviromental fuel which will help the world to be in a better place

In order to prove our dedication to sustainable wood pellets and our wood pellet quality we are certified EnPlus since 2016 till present and aiming as well to be certified and to be always in full complaince with the criteria of GGL (Green Gold Label).


We are specialized in:

  • Producing high quality wood pellets made from the finest untreated natural wood. The Company uses wood scrap, saw dust and different agricultural wastes to produce an alternative clean and environmentally friendly source of energy for both residential and industrial uses.
  • Producing high quality wood briquettes made from the untreated natural wood.
  • Production capacity of 70000 tons annualy of Wood pellets. (Both factories)
  • Production capacity of 1000 tons annualy of Wood briquettes. (Both factories)
  • Producing high quality Olive Seeds (Carnel), which is considerd one of the highest calorific values in the renewable energy sources.
  • Producing high quality of Charcoal which is occasionally used as a cooking fuel ,outdoor ovens, grilling, barbecue backyards and camping trips.
  • Our mission is to care about the planet, keeping the world's air clean starting in Egypt and continuing outside, by processing wood and agricultural wastes in a beneficial way to create cheap clean energy



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